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This blog is for people like me who want to make positive change in the world but are feeling burnt-out by the state of things. 

I want to create a space where other activists can feel inspired and uplifted. Here you can learn more about everyday activism, sustainable living, and find reasons to keep fighting for the environment. I’ll also be sharing posts about amazing activists to follow, Nature Diaries to get you thinking about mother earth, and books/TV/movies that empower. 

If you want to know more about who I am, then take a look at my about page.

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Latest from the Blog

Books To Get Activists This Christmas

Are you looking for a last minute gift idea for the activist in your life? Look no further as I’ve compiled a list of books any activist would love to see under the Christmas tree.

Where Did I Go?

In this article I’m going to share some more personal things than I usually do, to talk a bit about my absence and what to do when activism just feels hopeless. I haven’t been great at writing my blog recently. I have published one post since April, and that’s it. And that was back inContinue reading “Where Did I Go?”

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